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Electrical Contractors for New Construction in Duncan

Construction is an important phase of any project as it can impact your building for years to come. That is why, it is essential to hire the right electrical contractors. Our professional team at Enhanced Connections has the experience and expertise to meet your electrical needs.

Each of our skilled electricians is committed to offering high-quality services without compromising the safety of your space. We have got you covered with everything from electrical wiring and electrical panel installation to the placement of electrical outlets and electrical rough-in. Call us to discuss your needs, and we will estimate the electrical costs for your new construction project in Duncan and the surrounding area.

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Commercial Electrical Services

We offer specialized commercial and industrial electrical installation and repair services. We can provide our services at departmental stores, shopping complexes, and other commercial buildings. We possess the required know-how and infrastructure to take up and deliver your commercial projects on time while maintaining desired quality standards. We build positive, long-lasting relationships with our customers through honest work and great customer service.

Residential and Commercial electrical Services

At Enhanced Connections, we provide comprehensive electrical solutions for homes and businesses so that you don’t need to look elsewhere. Our services include:

Electrical wiring and panel installation

Electrical wiring and panel installation

Modern buildings have higher electrical requirements, so our electrical contractors in Duncan make sure to meet all your needs with proper wiring and electrical panel installation.
Electrical outlets installation

Electrical outlets installation

The placement of electrical outlets as per your needs also plays an essential role in ensuring your convenience and safety. We always keep your requirements in mind while placing the outlets

Electrical rough-in

Electrical rough-in

To prepare your building for safe electrical installations, we offer rough-in services between wall studs and ceiling and floor joists. We will cover the wiring of your whole building from the kitchen and bathroom to the laundry room and electrical panel.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to estimating electrical costs for your new construction project, such as the size of the building, type of building and electrical requirements. We take your needs and budget into consideration.

By hiring an experienced electrical contractor from the start, you can reduce the chance of reworking your structure in future. Our professional electricians at Enhanced Connections in Duncan will ensure that your building is wired properly.

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Why Choose Enhanced Connections?

As your trusted electrical contractors in Duncan, we offer new construction services that you can count on.

Certified technicians

All of our qualified electricians are registered with ITA BC. With a hard-working and diligent team, we strive to offer the highest standards of service.

Extensive experience

The level of service we provide comes from our experience and knowledge in the field. You can be confident that we follow the same standards for each project.

Quality workmanship

Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we do our best to ensure your project is completed properly without any delays. We take pride in our high-quality workmanship.


We follow all the safety practices to ensure that your area is protected from electrical hazards or damages.

Let Us Handle Your Electrical Requirements

You can tell us about your new construction project, and our electrical contractors will take care of it.